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November 6th, 2008

Bottom Rail on Top

I officially expressed interest in working for the administration. Haha. We'll see where that goes. My resume is floating around DC anyway. Now, do I actually /know/ a Democrat out there?

November 5th, 2008

Politics and Sanket

Okay, okay. So I might come across as a bit crazy about politics at times. But you really have to put this into perspective.

My parents came to this country in the late seventies. They had no tangible connection to the American political process before that. My mother took a blue path, being a county worker and union member. My father took a red path, being a white-collar professional and executive. Both of them are college-educated but never really politically active, with the exception of my father in college. They certainly weren't active during my childhood, as they weren't even citizens until 1988.

I am the six-year-old that watched the Iran-Contra Hearings and could tell you who Oliver North and James Baker were.

I am the eight-year-old that stood in a cold parking lot in Naperville waiting to meet Michael Dukakis.

At age sixteen, I snuck in to meet Hillary Clinton during the re-election campaign.

When I turned eighteen I proudly registered to vote, and happily knew that I could cast a vote against Al D'Amato in his 1998 race against Chuck Schumer.

I have been insane about politics from a very young age. Sure, I loved cartoons and toys like the rest, but I've also subscribed to Time since 86.

So what do I believe in? I've always considered myself one of those people who can be mercenary enough to believe whatever, until I matured and realized that I loathe libertarianism like nothing else. In the end, I am a big government interventionist. My heroes are Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ. Alexander Hamilton is my favorite Founding Father. Yes, /especially/ the Hamilton that wanted to fight the Quasi-War. Strong federal government, primacy of nation, development of the infrastructure. Above all, I believe that I am a citizen of the greatest nation in the world, and I would never give that up.

This Election

Gosh. A week ago I wanted to do a weeklong LJ on the election and politics. I never got around to doing that. This post is going to be a lot of regret mixed in with the jubilation, actually.

I've always supported Barack Obama since he was a state senator in Illinois. As I joked once, I am a brown college-educated middle class man from Illinois. I am Obama's base. In 2004 I had an opportunity to volunteer for the election and I didn't, but at the time I was going through some tough personal stuff and it wasn't really possible. Besides, it was Kerry. I actually DID offer to volunteer for Castor, and they completely blew me off.

This cycle, I was on the cusp of finally finishing my stupid degree and prepping for graduate school last fall, so that really dominated my time. I should have or could have gotten involved at that junction, but Michigan's inherent problems in the primary gave the Obama campaign no organization or funding.

Later on, I had numerous opportunities to DO stuff, but having waited to move to DC since August, I couldn't make many commitments here until they pulled out anyway. The irony ended up being that I will find out about the DC job after election day, when the Chamber will or will not get a flood of Bush Administration applicants.

If I could do it all over again? I would have moved to stay with my mother and grandmother in North Carolina, volunteered for Obama and Hagan, and still pushed DC the whole time. This is the instance I really wanted my entire life. I wanted to be a part of a real Democratic return to Washington (Bill doesn't count, sorry), and now I'm stuck on the outside looking in. Do I feel like I have wasted a great opportunity? Yes. Am I happy that the people I wanted to win did? Yes.

What will I do in 2012? I don't know. At 32, my life will probably be a lot different than it is now. In any case, assuming I will be in DC, I will be trying to fill my rolodex with Obama Administration contacts.

My ultimate hope? I find the right horse early on in 2016. I believed in Obama years ago, when I jabbed my finger at my mother and said 'this guy is going to become President.'

Oh yeah, and if David Price comes through for my mother, she'll have inauguration tickets. Certainly, I hope to be in DC working at the Chamber anyway, so I hope to be there and even if I can't physically see history I will have been in the vicinity, amongst the excited masses.

You think people told their descendants about the time they stood near the unfinished Capitol dome to hear Lincoln deliver his address? Don't accuse me of exaggeration. Lincoln's first address was given by a seeming neophyte from Illinois. He wasn't the great deified President yet. Hell, our Union was in sheer peril at that very moment. So while we may not know what Obama's Presidency may offer, I am as hopeful as those that gathered that day in March, 1861.

September 12th, 2007

Career Meme

1. Anthropologist
2. Industrial Engineering Tech
3. Historian
4. Lobbyist
5. Logistics Specialist
6. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
7. Desktop Publisher
8. Interior Designer
9. Criminologist
10. Curator
11. General Contractor
12. Management Consultant
13. Operations Research Analyst
14. Health Care Administrator
15. Professor
16. Activist
17. Political Aide
18. Archivist
19. Writer
20. Wedding Planner

My future vocations are on the list, so it makes sense. I can't draw, so #6 isn't really feasible. #20 amuses me to no end because while I would never want to do it for a living, I do have a bit of a wedding planner in me.

July 23rd, 2007

Not very shocking

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An introverted intellectual?!! I am a little sad at the low musical intelligence thing. It's mostly because I can't remember lyrics worth a damn. And my compositional skills never get beyond the flights of fancy in my head.

April 28th, 2007



September 17th, 2006


Taken from a bunch of people.

After the cut!Collapse )

May 21st, 2006


Happy birthday to me, which has been completely underwhelming so far. Not celebrating it until later in the week, and it just so happens that I am in an absolutely cruddy mood. Still, I thought I should post since it is my birthday and all.

Also, it's the big 26. Why big? 26 is my sports number. I wore that number in just about every sport that allowed numbering. It was only later that I realized that it was part of my birth date too. 5+21 = 26. 5+2+1+1+9+8+0 = 26. Neat, huh? It's also the same number that Edgar Davids wears everywhere he plays, and he's one of my favorite players.

Oh, and I just found out I have more money for my upcoming trip. That should be nice. The Triad is taking a great portion of it, but I should have more than enough leftover to be generous with buying alcohol.

BEARD WATCH: The beard is actually the perfect length now, but I might be seized with the sudden urge to shave it off anytime between now and Friday. I hate when it gets too long. Then of course, I remind myself why I am keeping it (haha).

Also, I am not just listening to the below song. I am really listening to something that was played on SNL tonight that I had actually heard earlier in the week, but if I printed out the name you would laugh. Look, Timbaland makes some good beats. That's my excuse.

I am thinking tomorrow for my birthday I am going to console myself with about 50 oz of Labatt's and getting those teenage waitresses' phone numbers. No, I am not going to mention that it is my birthday. I don't want to seem like a fucking loser now, right? ;) Besides, if I am looking good as I am right now, I might as well use it on someone. Except for the dark circles around my eyes from staying up until 6am.

May 16th, 2006

Why is this underwhelming?

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